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Fenopy is one of the most popular search engines on the web for all torrents related stuff. Using the site, you are able to download thousands of different files belonging to different genres. It basically is an advanced torrent search engine that compiles the best kinds of results for its users through the use of what it calls, web crawlers. When presented with a search term by the user, these web crawlers literally scan through all the torrent websites out there and gather the said torrent files. Once the download is complete, the site further stores these files in its own database. Below discussed are some of the most popular features.

Bringing together Both Private & Public Trackers

Fenopy is immensely popular with its users because it uses both private and public trackers when performing any searches. A single web crawler does this job and scans the whole web for the requested torrents. It also does this very efficiently. The process of searching itself is quite fast with results being displayed almost instantly.

Storage of Files in Database

Every file that Fenopy’s search engine downloads off the web is stored in its very own database. For users, this means that they do not have to worry about losing access to their files. In other words, all the files that the user has already downloaded are stored in the database, which means retrieval at a later date of the same is straightforward and easy. This allows users to dispel any doubts regarding the safety of their downloaded data.

Capable of Downloading Different Types of Files

The system is also very popular among its subscribers for the sheer variety of files and data that one can download through its download program. The web crawler does an amazing job of scanning through every nook and corner of the web, which allows it to track and download even the rarest of files or data. As for the types of data one can successfully download over the internet, some of the most common ones include video games, music, movies, software, and many more. Users also have the option of downloading a variety of games belonging to different platforms through the comprehensive search engine of Fenopy.

Tracking Downloads through Cookies

Cookies are a technology that helps in tracking any particular aspect on the web. When it comes to Fenopy, these cookies are used to track all downloads that are completed by the site’s users. Doing so keeps away the need to register for users before they are allowed to rate any torrent. These ratings and feedbacks are of valuable help to both Fenopy and other users as it helps the site filter and flag any malicious torrents uploaded to the site.

Download software

A worthwhile feature of Fenopy is its application system that allows you to communicate to the site and become a full member. Once the program is installed on computer, a user is allowed to download pretty much anything without paying a single penny for the same.

That was a round-up of some of the most amazing features that make the platform such a sought after torrent search engine.