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Unique anti-piracy technology from McAfee

The California-based McAfee is one of the famous anti-virus software providers. Recently, the McAfee was pleased to present the new technology on protecting the copyright of music and movies, and prevent public from trying to download those pirated materials.

Currently, people are easy to access the pirated music and movies from the popular search engines. As long as there is no virus detected from these engines, people can access the websites from the search result pages. Many copyright holders have already complained about such convenience because it promotes people to download the pirated materials.

McAfee takes the initiative to stop people from downloading the pirated materials and protecting the copyright from the authors of the music and movies. The software is the add-on for the SiteAdvisor tool from them. With the add-on, the technology helps to check and block pirated material from websites. In addition, the technology helps to recommend legal and authorized alternatives. Through such action, the users can avoid accessing pirated materials, educating them to the correct and the right way to access different media and materials. mcafee-antipiracy-tool

With the help from McAfee, the technology can help to prevent customers from costly lawsuits. When customers are trying to access copyrighted files, such as music and films, they have a high risk to face lawsuits. Violation of the Intellectual Property law, customers might need to handle the penalty induced by law courts.

The technology also helps to prevent the risk of customers to download malicious materials containing threats or virus. Most of the websites for pirated materials contain a lot of virus. Downloading such files into your computers, the computers might get infected. With help from the new technology, users are blocked to access those pirated materials, eliminating the chances for customers to download viruses.

Targeting to the business clients and individual consumers, the new technology can be widely used in most computers. Such solution can even detect the infected media available in social networks, such as Facebook.

In addition to the protection against potential lawsuits and threats in file sharing platforms, the technology offered from McAfee can help to point customers to the legal and correct alternative sources. Through such referral, customers shall be educated to the right electronic distribution, avoiding violation of the intellectual property rights.

Up to now, it is not certain that this new technology from McAfee will be popular in the coming future. However, McAfee is an excellent starting point to protect the copyright of music and movies, and prevent internet users from getting viruses. In order to educate the public to the correct way to download games, videos and other, the new technology will redirect customers to the legal and authorized websites. Such initiative to protect the copyright shall be encouraged and promoted.